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The Yoga Loft

Starting at USD $960 Per Person

Surf and Yoga go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, and a Yoga Surf Retreat is the perfect place to start or deepen both practices together. Whether you’re a first time yogi, a first time surfer or experienced at both, our Caribbean surf yoga retreats are perfect for you. We offer both beginner, intermediate and advanced surf instruction, where you can can coaching on everything from surf fundamentals and ocean safety to radical tricks – and we have waves to match every level. Our daily yoga practices will keep your body and mind balanced, and with all of the amazing activities that our tropical paradise has to offer, you’ll be chilled out and floating during your unforgettable week in the Dominican Republic.

Our Instructors

Yoga Teachers
We have an incredible staff dedicated teachers who will guide you on your transformational journey to opening yourself to the possibilities and becoming the best version of yourself. Feel free to contact us to find out instructors will be leading your classes during specific weeks.

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Surf Instructors
We partner with internationally recognized surf instructors, who teach everything from the fundamentals of surfing – warming up properly, ocean safety, surfing etiquette, board selection, body position, paddling techniques, wave selection, catching waves, popping up and riding waves – to intermediate coaching techniques like turning frontside and backside, duck diving, gaining speed, and the advanced coaching for those working on new tricks or looking for new challenges. We guarantee that beginner surfers will catch a wave during their first lesson, and that everyone will go home with a smile on their faces.


Available Year Round.


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Sample Schedule

Early Morning Surf Session
Unlimited Surf Practice
Post Surf Farm-to-Table Beachfront Brunch
Free time / Activities
Evening Yoga Practice
Group Farm-to-Table Dinner
Down Time or Going out


Depending on your preference, you could be kiting, surfing, learning the trapeze or taking additional fitness classes. We also offer one-off activities such as visiting the 27 waterfalls, white water rafting, horseback riding, Stand Up Paddle tours, massages and more, all of which you can schedule with us upon arrival.

Read more about Outdoor Activities in Cabarete and Best Short Trips from Cabarete on our blog.

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About Cabarete

Cabarete is best known as one of the world’s meccas for kiteboarding, however it’s also got fantastic surf for both beginners and advanced surfers. Depending on the time of year, we’ve got easy learner waves or even spots where waves will reaching double overhead for advanced rider. Most of the breaks are coral or rock based, making for perfect formation when the conditions are right.

Due to the active, modern community who frequents Cabarete, the town is full of healthy eating options, ecological businesses and sustainable tourism. Cabarete is home to a lively international community that supports local development through private business operations and NGO’s. The center of Cabarete is full of international restaurants, bars, live music venues and much more. We believe in living a balanced life, so for those who enjoy the nightlife as well as the day, you won’t be short of options. Read our Cabarete Guide on our blog.

The Food

We believe that how you feed your bodies is as much of a part of a yogic life as breathing. The food served during all of our programs is made from organic, natural, farm fresh, unaltered ingredients – we are very lucky to be supplied by our own Taino Organic Farm. Our menus are carefully planned to provide fuel and energy to your body to keep it running at its top level. Every bit of food is prepared with love – and is to be enjoyed with just as much zealous pleasure as that with which it was created.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. We can cater to vegetarians, and those on gluten and lactose restricted diets, however we unfortunately don’t have the ability to cater to vegans or raw foodies at this time.

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Beachfront Accommodations at The eXtreme Hotel
The eXtreme Hotel Cabarete is one of the leading ecologically sustainable small hotels in the Caribbean. Extreme is more than just an adventure sports and fitness hotel – it is a place where the values of sustainable and ecological tourism are forefront, the community is thriving and the key words are evolution and fun. Voted #2 on Trip Advisor in Cabarete, the eXtreme Hotel is the perfect place to meet amazing people and have an incredible holiday in tropical paradise.

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What's Included
What's Not Included
Payment and Booking

Please Read our FAQ and our Terms & Conditions, and feel free to Contact us with any other questions. We can’t wait to see you in Paradise!

Kiteboarding & Yoga Retreat

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