at eXtreme Hotel

Your accommodation during a Yoga Retreat with the Yoga Loft is at eXtreme Hotel, this is where the Yoga Loft is located. eXtreme Hotel is one of the leading ecologically sustainable hotels in the Caribbean and is directly located at Kitebeach, Cabarete. It is an adventure sports and fitness hotel which encompasses the following facilities: Kiteboarding school, Fitness center, Yoga Loft, Circus arts center, beach side restaurant and a swimming pool. The facilities at the hotel are designed to be as eco friendly, sustainable and self sufficient as possible to reduce the ecological footprint. With ventilation systems that use the wind to naturally cool the hotel, tiled floors that keep the heat down and low energy fans, energy consumption is kept at a minimum. Green vegetation throughout the hotel help to naturally cool the air during the summer months. The hotel also facilitates a small scale Aquaponics system, where wastes produced by farmed fish are used as nutrients to grow edible plants which in turn purify the water, thus conserving water.

As an eco-friendly hotel, we offer environmentally conscious, comfortable rooms you can relax in, without unnecessary amenities such as televisions and air-conditioning systems, minimising both your and the hotels carbon footprint. The rooms that you will be staying in all come with balconies that allow in natural light and 52” ceiling fans provide sufficient ventilation.

The rooms also come with a mini fridge, screens against mosquitos, private bathroom and a 5-gallon jug of drinking water. All rooms are solar powered, so do remember to conserve when possible. They are functional rooms for active people. So do remember to bring all your own toiletries!

Two free Wi-Fi access points throughout the hotel allow you to get work done and stay in touch with people if necessary. Think of your stay with us as an opportunity to digitally detox yourself, spend time time soaking up the sun and participating in energy infused nature/ health and fitness orientated activities. All guests at the hotel have the opportunity to become part of the community we have built over here. With a majority of Dominican staff at the hotel, you will get to interact with the locals and also practice a bit of Spanish! Extreme Hotel is the perfect place to meet amazing people and have an incredible holiday in a tropical paradise.