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Yoga and Mental Health

How Yoga Helps You Overcome Hardship It’s common knowledge physical activity can help on all sorts of levels – it releases stress, builds muscle, helps your metabolism and boosts self-confidence. But how does Yoga help you on a more emotional and mental health level? What benefits does a regular practice bring you in relation to […]

Portrait of Chrissy Lefavour, founder and owner of Grateful Yoga

Who am I? Chrissy Lefavour is a writer, a lover and a yogini. Writing, journaling and sharing have been passions for Chrissy her whole life. Going on an adventure is always more fun when it can be remembered or shared, or both! She is a lover of the natural world; animals, the ocean, mountains, snow, […]


Want to make sure you’ll have a good morning? Start your day with Moringa! There are plenty of Moringa trees around eXtreme and tons on the Taino Organic Farm for you to experience. From the leaves to the seeds, this superfood is great for you and all over the resort ready for you to pluck […]