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Nicolas Zahasky, the Retreat Chef

Nicolas Zahasky: his story An Iowa native, Nicolas Zahasky’s grandmother played a significant role in his journey towards becoming a Retreat Chef. She taught him everything he knows and inspired him to pursue studies in the culinary field. During high school in West Texas, he would watch Chefs of the World on Saturday mornings after […]

How Yoga taught me to deal with coronavirus fears

The impact of coronavirus Coronavirus is changing the way we view the world. We spend our days differently now, listening to the news about the developments and the impact the pandemic has on fellow human beings. It’s not easy to find our emotional center these days. Everybody is scared and wondering how to protect their […]

Welcome Packet Tips: what to send

When everything is all set, the bookings are made and the time for your retreat is near, it’s a great idea to welcome everyone ahead of time. It is always great to make them feel you care about them and you are doing your best to offer a great experience. Students always appreciate a Welcome […]

The Selling Phase of your first yoga retreat

This is so exciting! Everything is organized, and it’s time for the selling phase of your first yoga retreat! Fear not! It just takes a bit of organizing, a lot of positive energy, and no sleazy selling tactics! Be you, be friendly, LISTEN to your students and respond honestly and genuinely, while adding value to […]

How to Launch your First Retreat

Great! The time has come to launch your retreat! Exciting times! Here, you will find everything you need to know to plan everything well in advance and launch your first retreat successfully. 1. Start six months in advance Yes! A successful launch needs to start well in advance. Think movies at the cinema. Think creating […]

Why we protect Lobsters in the Dominican Republic

If certain fishing practices don’t change, lobsters could possibly become extinct! That might sound extreme, but the sad fact is that lobster populations are dwindling faster than an ice cream cone in summer. Mindless overfishing has depleted once-rich sources. The Dominican Republic has tackled this issue by enforcing the Caribbean and Central American ban on […]

Everything you need to know about Logistics and Pricing

Logistics and pricing are very important for the success of your retreat. The devil is in the details, and this is precisely the case here. Any little detail that might be overlooked can ruin the tranquility of the experience for no good reason. Things like dietary restrictions, transportation to and from the airport, and timely […]

Visualize the experience of your First Retreat

Are you thinking about organizing your first retreat? Do you want to lead your own retreat, but you are worried about it? Well, I’m not here to say it’s an easy task, but it is certainly something you can manage. And one thing that will really help you clarify your path and realize your dream […]