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Breath: A key ingredient for the practicing Yogi

In a world full of chaos and fast paced life, one tends to forget sometimes about the important things such as breathing. Many of us practice yoga and don’t even think about the importance of our breath during asanas. Learning to breathe. Let go.  Breathing is something we do so naturally every second of everyday…or […]


Importance of sleep: How to make it dreamy

Sometimes we forget the importance of sleep. In everyday life, our sleep can be affected in so many ways. Let’s take a look at the world of sleep and how to make it dreamy.   Good quality sleep is essential to the body. It is a time where your body can rest, relax and rejuvenate. Sleep […]


How To Make Your Yoga Practice More Beneficial

A physical yoga practice provides many health benefits. Apart from the obvious ones of increasing strength, flexibility and balance, it improves posture, helps reduce anxiety, aids sleep, improves lung function and may reduce tension. Just to name a few. But in order to reap the rewards, there are a few things that may help. So […]


Sun Sand Ocean: The Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

Do ever wonder about why you feel so wonderful and rejuvenated after a beach vacation? Well let’s take a look at the health benefits of getting some sun, sand and ocean. We know that frying our skin in the sun without protection is a big no no. But denying our bodies from the sun is […]

Lunch Getaway to La Boca

East of Cabarete lies an area called La Boca. Literally translated,  La Boca means mouth. Any guesses? It’s where Rio Yasica meets the ocean and when I first arrived in Cabarete I heard it mentioned several times. With the constant influx of information I was receiving on restaurants, bars and local hot spots I let […]

What to eat for breakfast to stay balanced and energized

Every BODY is different, so what may work for you may not work for another. But there are breakfast staples to try and incorporate into your morning routine, that will leave you feeling balanced and energized. As for myself, my main goal is to go as whole, local and organic as possible. Sometimes our lifestyle […]


How our emotions and breath work together

We are all emotional beings. Breathing is a natural part of our unique physiology.  How are emotions tied to the breath? Well, let’s take a closer look. Breathing is something we don’t even think about. It happens naturally because our body’s autonomic nervous system controls it. But the beauty in all of this is we […]