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Invitation To Check Out Our Beach-Front Retreat Paradise

Hey fellow Yogis This is your invitation to come and check out our beach-front retreat paradise, be our guest for a free 3 night stay in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for yoga teachers who might be interested in hosting a retreat with a difference. We offer the ultimate adventure retreat experience with a […]

Weight-loss Retreat Kickstart Your Fitness

BootCamp, Fitness Holiday, Detox Vacation, Yoga Camp, Weight-loss retreat….. For many people researching this type of holiday, these might all sound super scary. The truth is that none of them are half as scary as they sound. And in fact they all have one thing in common; they will all be the kick-start to a […]

Detox Retreats – What Are The Benefits?

A home detox or detox retreat is a great idea to help you achieve a healthy body. In the world that we live in we are constantly exposed to toxins which impact upon our health and physique. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our toiletries and our cleaning products contain […]

The Importance of Variety

Like anything too much of one thing can be counter productive and the same goes for exercise, yoga and a fitness holiday. Even if you don’t mentally get bored of the same old workout your body does, and will eventually start to plateau as it gets used to what you are doing. Here at the […]

The New Yoga Retreat Adventure Vacations

The Old Days Of Yoga Retreats In my early days as a newly qualified teacher, yoga retreats were few and far between. Enthusiasts could travel to India to seek out the mystic teachings of the yoga masters and with a lot of searching it was possible to find ashram experiences closer to home. As yoga […]