Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Classes and Retreats at the Yoga Loft
By Melanie Kiss

Aerial yoga is gaining popularity, as it should. The world of yoga is expanding and more and more people are realizing the benefits of it. Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to expand on your yoga knowledge and bring a different challenge into it. Let’s take a look at aerial yoga and its benefits.

An aerial yoga class is set up with silky, slinky type hammocks that hang from the ceiling. They support your body weight and are ready for action. They are made out of high-density nylon material and feel super soft against your skin. The hammocks are held up by carabiners, support chains and straps that you can adjust, according to preference.

If you have any negative thoughts of intimidation in your mind, cancel it and be open to something new. Aerial yoga is a fun and unique way of expressing poses. You may find yourself asking for a silk hammock of your own for your next birthday!

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An aerial yoga class consists of traditional yoga poses and some poses that are variations to them in order to use the hammock for support. You may still want to bring your yoga mat to class, to have something to stand on.

Ok, so let’s get down and silky and talk about the benefits.

  1. Flexibility:  As with traditional yoga, one of the most rewarding benefits is gaining flexibility. Aerial yoga can offer and then some. You might be even go deeper into certain poses, as you are off the ground and have no restrictions.
  2. Gaining strength:  As you are off the floor, gravity is working harder on your body and you need to engage certain muscles more. You core will definitely be engaged as you move from posture to posture.
  3. Focus:  As with traditional yoga, you focus on your breath, on the posture, on being one with the flow. With aerial yoga, you are fully focused and maybe even more so in the beginning as one is dangling in the air. Due to the focus and concentration required to engage in a posture and to transition from pose to pose, all the while doing so on a silk hammock, one cannot help but be in the present moment. That right there is enough reason to take part.
  4.  Calming:  Most people flock to yoga classes as it brings them peace and calm into their life. Aerial yoga does the exact same thing. Allowing you to flow with the breath and bring that inner awareness to life.
  5.  Release: Being suspended in the air really helps you release tension both physically and mentally. As one lets go, and goes with the flow, the benefits come rolling in as well.
  6. Spinal Health: Certain postures really help you hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen and breathe. It takes the pressure off and can bring a sense of relief to your body.

As with any other activity you do, be sure to listen. Not only to your teacher giving instructions but also to your body. Taking it slow and allowing your body to adjust to this new style of movement is key.

At the Yoga Loft, we lead and host aerial yoga classes and retreats for practitioners of all levels. At the Yoga Loft, learn more about aerial yoga and participate in a yoga retreat, all while spending time at the sunny beaches of Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

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