Best Short Trips From Cabarete

short trips from cabarete

Best Day and Weekend Trips near Cabarete

With so many beautiful locations and amazing activities there is really never a dull moment in Cabarete. Here is just a sample of some of the amazing places you can check out while you’re visiting us.

Caving in El Choco

Just behind Cabarete by the lagoon sits numerous caves to explore. You can go on your own, with a rappelling guide, or go just for a nice dip in the lagoon. This is one of the closest trips to Cabarete and a very worthwhile place to escape a hot afternoon or spend a lovely Sunday morning!

Playas Grande & Preciosa

These beaches are considered to be some of the best in the Caribbean, and are only about an hour and a half from Cabarete. The sand is soft and white, and the water is a magnificently clear turquoise color – postcard perfect. Open-air Dominican restaurants line the beach and paths where you can feast on delicious fresh seafood. Playa Grande is much more touristic than Playa Preciosa, however the two are right next to each other so it’s easy to check out both. They have parking as well as bathroom and shower structures. If you’re here during the right time of the year, surfers might even catch some really world class waves!

The Blue Lagoon

Just east of Rio San Juan, past Playas Preciosa & Grande, is the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon (also called Laguna Dudu) a freshwater sinkhole used as a local swimming hole. Surrounded by dense vegetation and only accessible by a series of rough steps in the rock face, it has the feel of a Tarzan movie set. Have a refreshing swim in the cool water or just watch the death-defying feats of the local children as they dive into the lake from the surrounding cliffs and trees.

Location GPS: 19.5647278, -69.9075623. Located 1.5 hours east of Cabarete, behind the town of Rio San Juan, Blue and Dudu Lagoon are a clear blue freshwater water holes. There are big signs for the area on the right side of the main road. You’ll have to pay an entrance fee to enter, and the park closes as 16:30 so arrive early

Bahía de Samaná

Samaná Bay is where the action takes place for this exciting nature excursion. Depending on your location, some tours depart very early in the morning to ensure you get to Samaná in plenty of time to enjoy a great day, although we would really recommend spending the night so you can really enjoy the bay and the peninsula. Both are full of amazingly beautiful natural sites, such as the El Límon waterfall and Playa Rincon, but the Bahía de Samaná is really famous for the more than 10,000 Humpback Whales return to the Dominican Republic from their North American locations to breed and mate in February and March. Marine guides narrate your boat excursion, explaining mating and breeding information about the whales and their behavior. Witnessing these magnificent creatures, the most active of all whales, is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Sosua Beach

Only 15 minutes west of Cabarete is Sosua, a local and tourist town. You can find most of the dive companies on the North Coast located there, and Sosua Beach is the main attraction. Sousa Beach is lined with food stands, restaurants, bars and a variety of shops selling tourist souvenirs, and enjoying the crystal clear waters can be the perfect way to spend the day. It’s best to avoid Sosua at night however, unless you’re looking to explore it’s infamous red light district.

La Boca de Yasica

La Boca is 20 minutes east of Cabarete, off a dirt road, and it’s where the Yasica River meets the ocean. There are few tourists and an exceptionally beautiful beach, as well as a small restaurant sells fresh fish. This area is popular with wakeboarders and kiteboarders as the start of a downwinder into Cabarete. Turn left off the main road at the Camino/Paraiso del Sol Hotels entrance, follow this road and turn right. After passing the hotels stay left until you reach a dirt road that eventually follows the ocean.

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