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New Year Meditation And Yoga Retreat 2017/18 Group Picture
Caribbean Yoga Holiday Cabarete Beach
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Portrait of Chrissy Lefavour, founder and owner of Grateful Yoga

Who am I? Chrissy Lefavour is a writer, a lover and a yogini. Writing, journaling and sharing have been passions for Chrissy her whole life. Going on an adventure is always more fun when it can be remembered or shared, or both! She is a lover…
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Invitation To Check Out Our Beach-Front Retreat Paradise

Hey fellow Yogis This is your invitation to come and check out our beach-front retreat paradise, be our guest for a free 3 night stay in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for yoga teachers who might be interested in hosting a retreat…
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Turn Your Frown Upside Down On A Caribbean Yoga Retreat

Turn Your Frown Upside Down OK so you actually have to be on a yoga retreat to practice yoga and enjoy the benefits in your daily life. Did you know a couple of minutes spent upside down every day can have a hugely positive impact on your…
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Weight-loss Retreat Kickstart Your Fitness

BootCamp, Fitness Holiday, Detox Vacation, Yoga Camp, Weight-loss retreat..... For many people researching this type of holiday, these might all sound super scary. The truth is that none of them are half as scary as they sound. And in fact…

The Importance of Variety

Like anything too much of one thing can be counter productive and the same goes for exercise, yoga and a fitness holiday. Even if you don’t mentally get bored of the same old workout your body does, and will eventually start to plateau as…