Circus Arts And Yoga Retreat

June 25 – July 2, 2018

Learn Trapeze and other circus arts with eXtreme Circus, our on-site circus school complete with trapeze, silks, and hoops, all in our beachfront paradise. We keep groups small, so you can fly until you perfect that new trick – there are no line ups here. Our courses are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, so if you’ve always wanted to learn to fly, now’s your chance! Add to that a daily yoga practice to keep your body and mind balanced, plus all of the amazing activities that our tropical paradise has to offer, an you’ll flip out for this unforgettable week in the Dominican Republic.

The circus arts are a fantastic way to get into great shape. They increase your flexibility and strength, coordination and grace, and endurance and balance.  Regularly training on the flying trapeze or silks will absolutely change your body for the better, which is one reason why circus acrobats are so fit. Every athlete needs to balance their training though, and the circus is no exception.  Yoga is a fantastic complement to a regular circus regimen, as it allows you to focus on repairing your body from all the intense training you undergo.  A famous saying amongst circus artists goes “If an acrobat wakes up without soreness, it’s because he’s dead.” Yoga can absolutely aid in reducing that soreness and prepping the body for more advanced training. Indeed, it is an aspect of your fitness that should be considered essential.

Likewise, as Yoga is good for the circus artist, Circus is good for the Yogi.  In fact, several new popular styles of Yoga derive from the circus arts.  Aerial Yoga comes from Aerial Silks, and Hammock. Acro yoga is a more beginner friendly version of partner balancing (or Acro for short). Yoga teaches its students about their bodies, how to move them, and to gain an awareness of them.  This is essential for all circus arts, thus Yogi’s often make for great acrobats and circus athletes.


From June 25 to July 2, 2018
If you would like to extend your stay on either side please let us know upon booking.

Daily Schedule:

Daily Morning Yoga Practice
Post Practice Organic Beachfront Breakfast
Free time
Circus Classes
Group Organic Beachfront Dinner
Down Time or Going out

Taino Organic Farm Tour

During this half day experience we will show you our organic farm where you can learn about aquaponics and sustainable agriculture. The Taino Organic farm grows a variety of fruit, vegetables and super foods which you’ll be able to taste fresh off the trees during your tour. After the farm tour, you’ll grab your inner tube and your sunscreen and head down to the beautiful Yasica River. The cooling fresh waters will be your guide as you float peacefully downstream. Afterwards you’ll enjoy a delicious homemade vegetarian lunch prepared from fresh organic produce!


Seven Nights, Eight Days Yoga & Circus Retreat

June 25 – July 2, 2018
USD $1020 per person in a double room
USD $1190 single room

What’s included

Seven Nights Accommodations at The Extreme Hotel
Daily in Depth Yoga Classes
Unlimited Circus classes per day
Gym and Yoga Loft access outside class times
All Breakfasts & Dinners at our Organic Beachfront Restaurant
A Tour of our Organic Farm, with River Tubing and a Farm Fresh Meal

What’s not included

Daytime Activities not included in your Retreat Package
Airport Transfers
Massages or Treatments
Private Training or Private Yoga

ashtanga yoga practice yoga loft


Surf and Yoga Retreat accommodation


farm fresh salad at beachfront restaurant


Other Activities