A home detox or detox retreat is a great idea to help you achieve a healthy body.

In the world that we live in we are constantly exposed to toxins which impact upon our health and physique. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our toiletries and our cleaning products contain high levels of toxic chemicals. These toxins get into our blood stream causing stress to the body which recognises them as a poison. In order to protect itself the body created a system to safely store the toxins. It wraps them in a layer of fat and guess where the main site for these fat cells is? Around the waist and hips.

Some examples of toxins we come into contact with daily include: pesticides on our fruit and veg, chemical sweeteners in our tea, E Numbers in processed foods, chlorine in our tap water and thousands more from our toiletries and the packaging on everything we touch.

Given that the body stores toxins in fat sites around the waist and hips it figures that the more toxic we are the more fat will be stored. Worse than that the more toxic we are the less likely the body is to burn fat as energy.

To break the cycle you need to eliminate toxic foods from your diet whilst at the same time using a specific plan to draw the toxins out of the fatty tissue and support the elimination of them through the body. On our detox programme the majority of our food is supplied direct from our organic farm .

Once toxins have been removed from the body and you are
following a clean eating plan you will have less need to store body fat. This makes weight-loss much more sustainable.

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