Dominican Amber: a treasure on the beach

Dominican Amber: a treasure on the beach

Did you know that Dominican amber can be found in spades on our beaches? After a heavy downpour, this treasure tends to wash up on our shores, when huge waves break them into pieces in the seabed. So whether you’re swimming or surfing, look out for these precious souvenirs.

Are you ready to go treasure hunting?

All about Dominican Amber

Eons ago, resin from the Hymenaea protera tree trickled down into streams and rivers until it ended up in the ocean, among the layers of silt, sand and clay that form sedimentary rock. Most amber is found inside sedimentary rock. Over time, the resin crystallized into a hard fossil. And amber was born.

If you happen to find fossilized amber pieces on the beach, you would be really lucky. They are incredibly valuable.

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