Dominican Artists: what you need to know

Dominican Artists: what you need to know

Did you know that Santo Domingo is the hub of Dominican art? Our unique art has attracted the attention of art lovers from far and wide. On your next vacation, be sure to tour this city and visit art galleries, so that you don’t miss out on the chance to buy authentic, original art. But first, get to know some Dominican artists who have been instrumental in shaping our culture.

Dominican Artists, past and present

Clara Ledesma

In 1948, Clara Ledesma was one of the first women artists to graduate from the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo in 1948. Three years after that, she opened a gallery that showcased her artwork and those of fellow artists. Her solo exhibition in 1952 was such a hit that she used the proceeds to travel to Europe to learn more so that she could expand her skills.

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