Elnura Ashimova on Building Self-Confidence

Elnura Ashimova on Building Self-Confidence

Elnura Ashimova is the founder of 8minyoga, a passionate entrepreneur, a follower of a healthy lifestyle, who is enthusiastic about opportunities technology offers. She loves sharing her experience about startup life, and supporting female entrepreneurship, as well as managing FOMO and distractions with mindfulness.

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What you’ll learn

  • The importance of speaking about self-confidence.
  • Self-confidence is like a muscle.
  • How yoga teachers can build self-confidence.
  • Fears that affect self-confidence.
  • Cultural influences on self-confidence.
  • How Elnura discovered her voice.
  • The downside of overconfidence.
  • Tips for building self-confidence.
  • The importance of slowing down.
  • Social media and self-confidence.
  • Elnura’s digital detox.
  • Creator vs. consumer mindset
  • How yoga teachers and entrepreneurs can handle anxiety and stress.
  • How nutrition can help.
  • Navigating motherhood.
  • Elnura’s recommended resource to stay inspired.


Work First by Darius Foroux

You can connect with Elnura Ashimova on 8minyoga.