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At the Yoga Loft, we offer our guests a holistic experience that nurtures their well-being. Our farm-to-table philosophy embraces our sustainable approach to agriculture and healthy eating. We appreciate the values of eating locally, respecting the natural environment, and connecting with the local community. We understand that you come here to escape from the pressures of your city life and reconnect with essential living.

Floating down the river at the farm!

All the retreats at the Yoga Loft are designed to offer you deep rejuvenation and presence of mind. You will be able to embrace the natural environment, connect with your roots, and rediscover the essence of life. Our retreat center is located on the beachfront of Cabarete, and our farm is hidden away on a tropical river outside the town, on the rich and fertile land of the little Dominican village called Los Brazos. It is operated and run 100% by locals.

Every holiday package comes with a tour to the farm so that you can see first-hand where we grow your food. The visit includes the wonderful experience of floating down the beautiful Yasica River. About halfway down the float, you are invited to climb up a jungle-side cliff and jump from an overhanging tree into the crystal waters below! After the float, you’ll enjoy a homemade lunch prepared from fresh organic produce. Here is the link to a YouTube video so you can see for yourself what it is all about.

Why we have our own farm

Our organic farm manifests our attitude towards life. We want to feel close to nature and treat our body and mind with honesty and authenticity. We feel it is important to serve the farm-to-table principle.

– The food tastes better, and it is more nutritious.
– We connect deeper with the local community.
– We actively work on environmental protection.
– We support sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.

Food produced locally

Homegrown food tastes better, retains more nutrients, and puts less stress on the environment. Local food is harvested right before consumption and does not require chemicals to preserve it for transport. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits have higher nutritional value and are perfect if you want to rejuvenate your body and your spirit. During the tour, you will be able to taste vegetables and fruits straight from the tree!

Strong community connection

Our farm highlights our strong community connection. The locals who work here are members of our team, making the retreat an integral part of the local community. We take lessons from how the locals historically produced and consumed food, and adapting those insights to modern times, we provide a sustainable outlook for the land and its people. As you visit the farm, you will realize the connection the land builds with its people.

From our farm to your table

The farm experience will rejuvenate you through the food you will eat and through the experience of the visit to the farm. You will come close to nature and experience the cultivation of the plants from seed to table. The experience is eye-opening about how food is produced at a farm. You will feel the Earth and the plants, and you will appreciate the effort it takes to put food on the plate.

Respecting the natural environment

Eco-consciousness is high on our agenda, and it dictates a lot of our choices for the farm. We deeply appreciate the need to respect the environment and make investments that are sustainable. Our farm is cutting-edge for the region, as we implement permaculture design ideas and cutting edge aquaponics systems, water management systems, vermiculture, animal husbandry practices, as well as apiculture and aquaculture. Our systems are so advanced that some of the country’s Universities visit the farm to learn more about it. Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable organic farming methods, and we have one of the biggest and most modern aquaponics systems in the Caribbean. We constantly try to minimize the environmental footprint of our facilities and engage in activities that first and foremost respect our natural habitat.

You are invited!

When you join one of our retreats at The Yoga Loft, you will relish our organic farm-to-table cuisine for your breakfast and dinner, have yoga classes daily on the beachfront, and enjoy plenty of time to unwind and recharge. All our choices reflect our conscious effort to respect our natural environment and promote alternative methods of growing food. Our guiding principle is to facilitate a natural and authentic way of life, and all our efforts aim at that.

Our fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor and Google Search are a testament to the fact that our guests genuinely enjoy the experience and have the time of their life!
If you would like to read what others have to say about the visit to our farm, click on the links, and they’ll take you right there. For the TripAdvisor reviews, click here, and for Google Search, click here.

This is what Tess had to say on TripAdvisor:

‘The tour of the farm was very interesting and was impressed with the scope of the operation! I learned many new and interesting things! The float down river was so relaxing! The lunch was wonderful and I purchased tea that I am enjoying back home!’
Tess Y

Come and join one of our retreats anytime during the year. Our retreats are individual, and we always form small groups to ensure you develop a deep connection with the land and the members of your team.

We can’t wait to meet you!

The Yoga Loft team