Feedback after your Yoga Retreat

How To Plan a Yoga Retreat People Will Love Part 10

Feedback after your Yoga Retreat

Your retreat was amazing! So what happens now?

After your retreat has ended, there are a few more things left to do.

Get feedback from your students

Getting feedback from your students is extremely valuable because it will help you improve for next time. It’s also an excellent opportunity to grab some testimonials you can use for planning and marketing your next retreat.

Asking for feedback can be either formal or informal. You can have some personal conversations about the experience, and you can also send out an anonymous short survey. Survey Monkey is a free way to collect their feedback so that your next retreat is even better. See negative feedback as constructive feedback, which will help you grow, both as a teacher and as a person.

You can also collect feedback during the closing circle of your retreat. You can prepare and hand out a feedback sheet during your closing ceremonies and give your retreat attendees a couple of minutes to note down their thoughts about the experience. This can be a very nice way to close the retreat and ensure that you get these precious testimonials!

Important Note: Make sure to act on the feedback. Make a note of what worked and what didn’t, and make sure you repeat the good stuff and fix what isn’t working.

Keep the communication channels open

After your fantastic retreat, make sure you keep the community you created alive. Make them feel that the experience doesn’t have to end there. I am sure all your students will appreciate keeping in touch. You can use emails, hashtags, a Facebook Community, and Instagram Group—whatever works for the group, really. Maybe you’ll end up on another retreat together soon! Thank them for attending and share your thoughts on this positive experience.

Organize your photographs and send an email

After the retreat, it’s a good idea to organize all your photographs for future use. You can have them ready to use for your website and for marketing your next retreat. You can also use them to send out an email to your students, reminding them about the great time you had together.

Create an email list with the students that attended

I’m sure you have realized by now how important your email list is. In this case, I want to emphasize the opportunity here to keep in touch with your students from your first retreat and offer them the option to reserve their spot on your next retreat with a VIP offer such as, let’s say, $200 off all your future retreats. This will please them, and you can have repeat customers for years to come!
You can also let them know separately about your next retreat when the time comes.

Reflect on all that happened

As soon as the retreat ends and everything is still fresh on your mind, think about what worked and what didn’t. Better yet, write everything down and make sure that next time you can make improvements.

Enjoy every moment

A successful retreat is a valuable and fulfilling experience, both for you and your students. You shared a spiritual journey in a beautiful location, and you had the opportunity to form deep connections. Make sure the community spirit stays strong even after the retreat, and continues to benefit both you and your students.
A venue with a strong community vibe like the Yoga Loft in the Caribbean will help you make the experience even more precious, and the people there will make all things organizational a little bit easier for you.