Flying Trapeze and Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean

flying trapeze extreme cabarete the yoga loft

The Yoga Loft in the Dominican Republic is offering an exciting flying trapeze and yoga experience in their amazing Retreat Centre in Cabarete.

Do you like to fly?

You can feel like flying on the trapeze and have the time of your life. Yoga classes in the morning and the evening enrich the rewarding experience. Find out all the details about The Yoga Loft, the exciting Retreat Center in the Caribbean.

Discover the Flying Trapeze and Yoga Retreat at the Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft features an open-air yoga deck in the beautiful town of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. This unique space has gorgeous ocean views, lots of natural light, and cool breezes from the Caribbean Sea. In this tropical island paradise, you’ll make new friends, share insightful experiences and deepen your yoga practice.

You will also have the opportunity to soar through the air on the flying trapeze of the circus school located on-site. As you start learning, you will receive a full briefing and learn the basic trapeze positions. Kept safe by a harness, you will get ready on the flying trapeze for your first swing! Our professional circus instructors will teach you how to position yourself on the bar, how to dismount with a back flip and how to even attempt a catch! Classes are available to people of all levels of ability, and special classes are also available for experienced, dedicated, or intermediate flyers.

Groups at The Yoga Loft Retreat Centre in Cabarete are always kept small so that you can fly and enjoy each experience without lineups. The class builds strength and offers unparalleled enjoyment, which is only amplified by the relaxation during the yoga classes. Our teachers will help you unplug, unwind, and increase your energy. We have created a place of relaxation where you can have a holistic experience and increase your happiness and personal growth.

A typical day at The Yoga Loft Retreat Centre

Yoga Loft, the unique Retreat Center in Cabarete, offers blissful yoga classes as well as incredibly exciting circus experiences in one of the most breathtaking islands of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic.

  • Your day will start with a rejuvenating morning yoga practice, followed by an organic breakfast served on the beachfront.
  • Later in the morning, it’s time for the Flying Trapeze Class. The circus instructors will offer you a spectacular experience.
  • Free time to enjoy the setting. You can also enjoy other activities that are available at the retreat, like fitness or aerials. Kitesurfing is also fantastic in Cabarete.
  • One more yoga class at the Yoga Loft in the evening, followed by a delicious organic dinner, served in this fantastic location overlooking the sea.
  • You can use the downtime to reconnect with yourself or go out with your newfound friends. You will have plenty of time to explore the local markets as well as the local nightlife.

Face your fears and enjoy Flying Trapeze and Yoga in the Caribbean

At the Yoga Loft, you are harnessed in safety, both literally and metaphorically. At the trapeze, the instructors make sure you fly and swing safely, and at the retreat all the members of the team support you in fully living this transformational experience.

You are invited to a place of exploration and inspiration, where you’ll have the opportunity to reflect and enjoy activities that will make you fit and happy. What’s more, you can come to the retreat any time you want during the year — no need to wait for a starting date. We always keep groups small, and we are happy to share our corner in paradise with teachers and studios that wish to bring their own groups.

Listen to your inner voice, challenge yourself to new levels, and experience the thrill of flying!

Discover the individual retreats offered by the Yoga Loft and start your retreat vacation anytime during the year.