I’m a beginner, is that okay?
Absolutely yes! Our retreats are multi-level, and designed to accommodate both complete beginners and long-term practitioners. The fantastic thing about yoga is that it builds upon itself – so our sequences, which are designed to help you reach your health and wellness goals – provide postures and a level of practice that is both accessible and challenging for all levels. Groups are small so the teacher can respond individually to students.

I’m an advanced yogi- will I be challenged?
Absolutely yes! We pride ourselves in creating an in depth yoga practice for all of our students, so our teachers are all qualified to help you get to the next level of your practice, whatever that may mean to you. If you have any specific goals for your practice during your time with us, please let your teacher or retreat leader know. Unless otherwise noted, we do not ask our teachers to teach any one specific style of yoga, so we do ask that students who are used to a specific practice keep an open mind coming into our retreats.

What style of yoga will we practice?
Our yoga practices are typically Hatha or Vinyasa, with a focus on strength, alignment and flexibility. Some teachers might include other styles of yoga such as, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Kundalini or Tantra classes. This is normally noted in the retreat description or can be specially requested in some cases. No matter what style class however, we promote practices with equal parts of effort and ease, focus on self-care and meeting your body where it’s at, while staying present and mindful.

What are the Benefits I can expect from my Yoga holiday?
Results of your week in paradise may include: Increased energy, strength and flexibility; weight loss, clearer skin; improved concentration, motivation, creativity and productivity. Participants might also experience improved breathing, clearer thoughts, improved mood, increased self confidence, an excess of happiness – all of these being scientifically proven side effects of having a yoga and/or meditation practice.

Is the food only vegetarian?
Of course not! Our menus are all organic, but they can include both meat and fish. We promote healthy & mindful eating on our holidays, without deprivation. On our open retreats we can currently cater to vegetarians, as well as gluten and lactose free diets, however we do not have the ability to cater to vegan or raw foodies at this time. If you are bringing a group however, and would like the menu to be vegan or raw, we can hire a specialty chef for you at an additional cost. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions you might have when you are booking so we can be adequately prepared.

Can I drink alcohol?
We’re all about the middle way, living in balance, and we have absolutely no problem with letting loose. This is your holiday, and we encourage you to do what feels good in your body. Many studies have even proven that a glass of red wine can have a myriad of health benefits – and it goes great after a relaxing yoga class!

What fitness level do I need to have to go on a yoga holiday?
Our trips have varying levels of activity, and you can choose the activities that appeal to you. In general, the activities offered are fairly active however, so if you’re looking to get the most out of your retreat it might be good to adding some light exercise to your weekly schedule before coming on a holiday with us.

What are the accommodations like?
Rooms at eXtreme Hotel are a clean, simple and environmentally conscious. The services and rooms are basic, while the location, activities and vibe are like nowhere else in the world. Think of cool surf hostel on the beach, except instead of dorms we have private, comfortable, clean hotel rooms.

What makes people come back time and again is the social environment, as well as the laid back, friendly and very active vibe. Sometimes the luxury of the experience is the place & the people, rather than the thread count. Let us show you the beauty in simplicity, living in the moment and relishing the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

What’s the Weather Like in Cabarete?
The weather in the Dominican Republic is sunny and warm year round. Since we in Cabarete have almost constant winds, there is almost always a lovely cooling breeze. In the summer months (June – August) it can get quite hot in the middle of the day, reaching upwards of 38 degrees Celsius or about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, the temperature can be a quite lovely 24 – 26 degrees, or about 75 – 80 degrees Farenheit. We do recommend good sun protection though, as we’re quite close to the equator and especially those who aren’t used our sun can burn quite easily!

What’s the best time of the year to visit Cabarete?
The entire year is lovely – and it depends what your coming for! In the summer, the temperatures are hotter but the winds are very consistent and great for kiting. In the fall, we get a bit more rain but that keeps the temperature down and there are less crowds, so its better for those who are looking to relax – its also the best season for quality surf. The winter has the most comfortable temperatures, but that also means there are the most crowds. For partiers this is a great sign, but if you’re more of a mellow character it might be better to think about coming at the end of the winter season.

Are there Mosquitos?
Unfortunately, we do have mosquitos, and we recommend that guests take precautions to avoid getting unwanted bites. All of our rooms are 100% screened in, so as long as you don’t leave your screen doors open you should sleep soundly. The afternoon winds keep the mosquitos at bay but at the end of the day it’s good to have long sleeves or repellent on hand. Luckily, there is a fantastic natural repellent sold in town that we can recommend to you upon arrival!

How do I get to the Hotel?
We have four airports that you could fly into: Each one has its own pluses and minuses, so we like to leave guests to decide what works best to balance their budget and travel style.

Puerto Plata airport is about 30 min away, and a $35 USD taxi ride (taxi seats 4). It is a local airport but it is as close as you could possibly get to us, so if you want to fly into here you’ll have to book your international flight into Santo Dominigo or Punta Cana and get a small connecting plane to Puerto Plata.

Santiago is 1.5 hours away, and about $100 USD by taxi. It is an international airport, however flights are frequently more expensive into Santiago than into Santo Domingo or Punta Cana.

Santo Domingo is 4 hours away, and is about a $200 USD taxi from eXtreme. There are a lot of international flights to Santo Domingo, and coming from Santo Domingo you also have the option of taking the local bus (about $20 USD) to us instead of a taxi. This is a good option for budget travelers.

Punta Cana is 7 hours away and is a $400 USD taxi ride. The downside of Punta Cana is both the distance and the expense, but the upside is that it is one of the nicest airports in the Caribbean due to the large number of private flights that arrive there, so if you are nervous about flying, Punta Cana might be a good option for you. Also Punta Cana is a resort city, so there are frequently flight deals to there that might offset the taxi ride if you’re sharing the fare.

What language do they speak in Cabarete
While most locals here will also speak English, the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. You don’t need to know Spanish to get around town, but if you’re looking to travel further, or if you’d like to haggle better, its good to learn a few phrases before you come.

What is the Time Difference?
The Dominican Republic is on the Atlantic Standard Time Zone, so it’s the same time here as it is in New York.

How Long is the Flight?
From the East Coast of the United States, The Dominican Republic is a very short flight. From New York City, it’s 3.5 hours – from Miami it’s just 2 hours. From Los Angeles you can expect a six hours (the same as getting to the east coast), and from London its an easy 9 hour overnight flight. It’s fun to play with the flight calculator to to find how far away it is from your city.

What should I Pack?
We recommend packing mostly light, summery clothing. Shorts, lots of bathing suits, light color tops and relaxed dresses. Hats are great for sun protection, and if you’re planning on kite boarding, bring a strap for your sunglasses and a rashguard to protect you from the midday sun. The vibe in town is pretty laid back, so theres not much sense in bringing fancy clothing or heels. Light makeup or no makeup is best with the heat, and don’t forget to pack lots of SPF and mosquito repellent. We have lots of shops with fun clothes, and our pharmacies that stock most of what you’d get in the United States, so if you forget anything you’ll most likely be fine buying it here. Most guests find they pack way more than they end up using, so do your best to pack light and save on luggage space for souvenir shopping!

Do I need a Mat?
You do not need to bring a mat, as we have mats here for free use. They are simple, 3mm mats, which we do our best to replace on regular intervals, however if you have a favorite, well loved mat that you feel makes your practice better, we do recommend you bring it along.

Can I Bring my own Group?
Please do! We love to host studios, teachers, families, girlfriend getaways or fitness groups on their retreats and holidays. We can work with you to turn your vacation dreams into a reality, and with us in charge of the logistics and operations, you’ll be free to enjoy your time here, deepen your practice and relax in tropical paradise! Check out more on hosting your retreat here.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

We require a 50% deposit to hold your space, currently payable by bank deposit only. Reservations are transferrable. To transfer your reservation you will need to contact us and let us know of the change.

We do recommend that all of our guests take out travel insurance, as we cannot be not responsible for any flight or travel expenses you might incur under unexpected circumstances.

We have no desire to be mean, so if you really have an emergency, we will do our best to help transfer your space to someone else, provided there is another person willing to take your spot. If this is possible to do, we will charge only an administrative fee based on the cost of the bank transfers and currency exchanges.