Fruits Of The Dominican Republic

There are many different fruits and vegetables grown here in the Dominican Republic. While vacation or inhabiting Cabarete, one must try these delicious local fruit and benefit from their high nutritional content!


Mangos are adored throughout the world and enjoying them in Cabarete will please you in countless ways. This fruit contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It soothes the stomach as it contains enzymes and improves digestive function. Since mangos contain A, B and C vitamins it is good for anti-ageing and brain health. Let’s not forget the iron content, which is great for anemia and pregnancy. But be careful because some people can be allergic to this fruit and it can also cause weight gain if eaten in excess!

The ripe, juicy mangos here in Cabarete are sure to leave you satisfied. It is consumed raw or mixed with other fruit for smoothies. It is also eaten when it is green/unripe with a dash of salt!

fruits of the dominican republic


Avocados are a dime a dozen here and are as delicious and healthy as eating an apple a day! This fruit provides you a myriad of health benefits. Apart from improving your digestion, keeping your cardiovascular system healthy, avocados also improves your vision and treats arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties. This delicious fruit is fully packed with nutrients.

Avocados are mainly enjoyed, raw here in the Cabarete. Whether it is cut up and eaten with a dash of salt and pepper, mixed in a salad or smoothie bowl or made into guacamole. Some women even use it in their hair as a hair mask to get soft luscious looking hair.

sea grapes fruit of the Dominican Republic

Sea Grape

Seeing women with baskets on the side of the road as I approached Cabarete, I wondered what they were picking off the trees. It turned out to be this wonderful fruit called uva de playa, also known as sea grape.

The sea grape is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  It helps strengthens your vision and is good for heart health. Its anti-inflammatory properties assist with joint health and arthritis. Apart from its rich vitamin A and C content, which is superb for skin and hair, it also contains iodine which helps prevent goiter.

This little miracle grape is full of surprises and is mainly enjoy raw or juiced. But Dominicans also use this grape variety to make wine and candy.

Star Fruit

This delicious fruit grows on a tree outside my room and I am blessed to pick one off in the mornings and enjoy before my yoga class.

This fruit is high in antioxidants and is not only a major anti-inflammatory but is also wonderful for your skin and hair as it helps produce collagen. It boosts your immunity as it contains high amounts of vitamin C and due to its mineral content helps increase bone mineral density. Apart from improving your metabolism and digestion it also helps improve your respiratory health.

The lovely flavour of this fruit will surely get you asking for more. Is mainly enjoyed raw or in juices, it is also used to make jelly.

passion fruit chinola fruits of the Dominican Republic

Passion Fruit

This fun textured deliciously tart fruit is a delicacy. This fruit provides a long list of health benefits and can be found at every fruit stand and grocery store here in Cabarete.

This fruit is an immune booster, improves heart health and bone health. Apart from its digestive aid and weight loss capabilities it also helps with insomnia as it helps relax your body.

Passion fruit is mainly eaten raw and is used in juices with a touch of cane sugar or honey for sweetness. But Dominicans also use this lovely fruit for jam, ice cream and tea. That’s right, passion fruit, lime and mint with some boiling water!

There you have it everyone, a few of the deliciously healthy fruits of the Dominican Republic. Remember to enjoy and reap the benefits of all these powerful fruits the next time you are here in Cabarete!

All of our retreats include a tour to our very own organic farm where you can them fresh from the tree. Depending what’s in season we offer them as well in our farm to table dishes at the restaurant as part of your retreat package.