Guide: Nightlife in Cabarete

By Samara Manges

nightlife in cabarete - the yoga loft

After several late nights of research and early morning headaches that even a ocean dip couldn’t fix, I return to you, dear blog readers, with information on nightlife in Cabarete. There are plenty of choices between bars, restaurants and clubs where you can drink a delicious mojito and dance the night away. This is not an exhaustive list, just a list from an exhausted yoga teacher who isn’t meant to stay out past midnight.

I will admit that I didn’t stay out later than three AM any night but just know that the party always continues at the casino for late night dancing. Otherwise, continue reading for a list of day to day, whoops, I mean, night to night, activities that will keep you yearning for more rum and bachata music.

Monday Night

Monday nights in Cabarete you can find karaoke at VoyVoy. You’ll feel part-surfer, part-kiter with the open air club and totally beach vibe. They have a great happy hour from 7-11PM where you can buy pitchers of mojitos that are a must if your singing voice is as bad as mine.

Tuesday Night

Weirdly enough it’s Tuesday night that feels like normal Sunday nights in Cabarete. There isn’t anything specifically planned at a bar or restaurant so what I would recommend is heading to Don Pepe’s pool hall. A little hard to find, the pool hall is on the 2nd floor, next to Helados Bon in downtown Cabarete. All the tables are free here except for the first table at the top of the stairs. Grab a Bohemia grande for 150 pesos and prepare to be schooled in pool by the locals.

cabarate nightlife - bars - drinks- dancing

Wednesday Night

For all the pizza lovers out there, we got you. Hit up La Chabola for 2×1 pizza and open mic night. Music starts around 9:30PM. To be fair you can actually order 2×1 pizza any night of the week here. If you do come on Wednesday’s to eat, I recommend getting here a little earlier to avoid waiting an hour for your pizza. They also make in house kombucha here that is oh so yummy.

Thursday Night

“You are a dancing queen…”, or if you weren’t before you will be now. Thursday night is Latin night at LAX in downtown cabarete. Get there around 11:30PM and get ready to move those hips!

Friday and Saturday Night

No need to choose just one place on Friday or Saturday night, every bar or restaurant usually has something going on. If you don’t feel like dancing tonight you can play a game I like to call happy hour hop around where you go travel from place to place catching those happy hour deals.

Sunday Night

Ok so maybe not Sunday but Sunday late afternoon/ early evening you can head to Bamboo to enjoy the market (and maybe find your phone that you lost the night before). The spot is filled with vendors, anything from handcrafted jewelry and clothes to honey or beauty products. After you get a new bathing suit or pair of shorts, head to Pomodoro for some delicious ice cream.

Remember this is just a basic list of specific events that are happening in town. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals or eXtreme staffers if anything special is happening in town!