How To Market Your First Yoga Retreat

By Naomi Pyburn

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and host your very own yoga retreat. Amazing! Now, you need to market your first yoga retreat and get those sign-ups.

If the prospect of marketing yourself knocks the wind out of your sails a bit, you’re not alone. Selling your first yoga retreat to potential students can be a daunting task.

You, hopefully, already have the standard online set-up, with a fabulous personal website and active social media voice. But, what next?

Visualise the experience

Before you start broadcasting your idea, you must ensure you have a clear picture of what you are offering.

A hot tip from experienced retreat leaders is to visualise the space and the experience you want to create for your students. Then, write this down and let that be a focus during your planning and marketing efforts.

The more you can share about the specific intention of your first yoga retreat, and why it is that you are excited about this opportunity, the better.

Put some time into your visual materials

We’ve all heard that a picture can speak a thousand words.

The marketing images you choose need to radiate the essence of your first yoga retreat. Take time to choose the right colors and imagery that express the heart of this experience.

Create eye-catching images to share online on different platforms. Be clear about why the retreat’s intention is relevant, and don’t be afraid to hang posters all over town.

Plug into your existing network

This might sound obvious, but make sure you connect thoroughly with your existing network before branching out.

I’m talking not just friends, but friends of friends, yoga students and schools you are teaching in. Are you a regular customer of a coffee shop? Leave some flyers of your retreat there.

Spread the word about your first yoga retreat, and don’t be shy to ask others to do the same.


Using glowing testimonials from past students to market your retreat can be very persuasive.

Hearing another perspective can help a new student understand your teaching style and character, and reassure them that they are in safe hands.

Ask a couple of your regular yogis to write a mini recommendation for your retreat. You give so much of yourself in class, I’m sure they would love a chance to give back some positive vibes.

Plus, letting other people rave about you means you can avoid the embarrassment of tooting your own horn!

market your first yoga retreat

Platforms and groups

Make sensible use of yoga Facebook groups or platforms like

Talk to other yoga retreat leaders who have used these platforms for tips on how to best approach them. Some can be sticky and take some time to master, but the rewards in terms of reach can be huge.

The online world of yoga retreats is wide and worth exploring, if you have the time.

Collaborative marketing

To gain access to new yogi networks, you might consider cross-promotion or collaborative marketing.

You might approach yoga-related businesses, like studios or clothing brands, to see if they would promote your first yoga retreat in return for access to your channels.

Retreat venues, like The Yoga Loft, will sometimes offer to pool marketing efforts to reach more yogis together. It is in their interest to fill your retreat spaces, so you may well find they are willing to cross-promote.

Be you

The most important thing to convey when marketing your retreat is genuine enthusiasm. Take time to plan and align yourself fully with your intention.

What are you going through in your practice that you want to dig into on the retreat? Who is this retreat for, in particular? Why is this theme relevant now?

If you are tuned in and excited about your vision for the experience, your marketing should flow more organically.