Hurricane Season in the Dominican Republic

What you need to know

Hurricane Season in the Dominican Republic

The Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, is around the corner. Hurricanes usually occur during September in the Caribbean, so in the months leading up to that time, we make the necessary preparations and stay informed by following reports and warnings from forecasters at The Weather Channel in the U.S., who keep a keen watch on storm developments way in advance.

The Life Cycle of a Hurricane

Warm ocean temperatures tend to create the conditions for hurricanes, which have a history of building up along the west coast of Africa. When that happens, a hurricane starts its life as a tropical depression before it develops into a storm. When it reaches the stage of a tropical storm, it is assigned a name from a list. When the wind force of a tropical storm surpasses 73 miles per hour, a hurricane is in effect.

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