Interview Beneath the Surface Foundation

To continue our interview series and being in community through the pandemic, we had the pleasure to interview Amanda and Matt from Beneath the Surface Foundation (BTSF).

BTSF provides whole-person, alternative healing through flow state immersions with focus on movement and ocean therapies for veterans.

Amanda and Matt introduce us to the BTSF curriculum that goes far beyond a retreat experience. We speak about two of the main elements of BTSFs immersions: watersports and yoga and how both activities are healthy outlets for trauma recovery in the military community. Matt, a USAF Pararescue veteran, shares with us how he found the way to the yoga mat. Amanda and Matt give both insights on how they adapt their yoga teaching for veterans and what kind of triggers they navigate in the immersion.

And you get a little glimpse over our shoulder to enjoy the Yoga Loft at eXtreme Hotel vibe.

Enjoy the interview!

You can follow BTSF on Instagram: @beneaththesurfacefoundation and visit their website:

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