Kiteboarding and Yoga at The Yoga Loft

By Evgenia Profi

Kiteboarding and Yoga at The Yoga Loft

A kiteboarding package and a yoga class every day


The Yoga Loft, a Yoga Retreat Centre in the Caribbean has included kiteboarding in the experience.

I had the time of my life learning how to kiteboard in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Morning yoga classes made my stay there even more meaningful.

The food is great too. A real experience for real people.

The Yoga Loft in the Caribbean was my choice

Fed up from work and the rhythm of the big city, I finally decided to leave it all behind – well, just for a week. I am not brave enough to do it for much longer. But I knew I wanted to do something different, something exciting. Learn something new, have my day filled with physical activities, clear my head and reconnect with myself.

I knew I wanted to do yoga because it helps me relax and center my thoughts. But I wanted some fun as well – paired with honesty and authenticity. Enough with all the Instagram-able super perfect experiences. Something real, please! I wanted to meet new people, learn a new skill, eat healthy food, connect with the natural environment and show some appreciation for being alive.

I went on a yoga and kite retreat in the Dominican Republic

They have The Yoga Loft in the retreat center in Cabarete, and they also offer Kiteboarding lessons every day! I am telling you, this was something else! I never thought I could have this much fun on holiday. The physical activity rejuvenated my body.

I started my morning with a deep yoga practice overlooking the ocean and then in the afternoon off to the beach for some kiteboarding fun. OK, I have to admit that between the yoga practice and the Kiteboarding I always had a delicious organic breakfast on the beachfront. Real, fantastic down to earth experience with my newfound friends. Everybody here is just so open and friendly and ready to help with anything.

The Yoga Loft and kiteboarding school are located in Cabarete

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is not just a beautiful town; it is the kiteboarding capital of the Caribbean. There are consistent winds and perfect waves and like zero water hazards. When kiteboarding you move or float on the surface of the sea standing on a board and holding the strings of a large kite. The kite moves according to the direction of the wind and gives you an incredible sensation like flying on water. Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but thankfully, the instructors were super great. Experienced and well-equipped.

The Yoga Loft in the Caribbean

This retreat really respects the natural environment. The Yoga Loft is offering solar-powered eco-friendly accommodation with spacious rooms near the sea. I loved relaxing with my book under the palm trees. Not to mention all the other options that are available there like flying trapeze and aerials and surfing and canyoning.

Yes! I’ve been to the Caribbean! To The Yoga Loft in Cabarete

And choosing a Yoga and Kite Retreat was the best choice I ever made. The yoga and kite classes offered me a blissful holiday and an opportunity to clear my head and recharge before going back to my everyday life. I came back refreshed and I feel I can breathe deeper now. I think I’m also going to stick to daily yoga classes. My local yoga studio isn’t as idyllic as The Yoga Loft, but it will definitely help me maintain that feeling of mindfulness. 

Do you want to go to The Yoga Loft too?

If you think you could also benefit from an activity-packed holiday you can find more details about The Yoga Loft in Cabarete, Dominican Republic here. Perfect if you want to connect with your earthy roots, enjoy the sun and the sea and make some super cool new friends!