Larimar and its Healing Properties

Larimar and its Healing Properties

Larimar is a unique gemstone with a fantastic story behind it. It’s an uncommon type of pectolite, which is a silicate mineral that is found only in the Dominican Republic. It’s easily recognizable by its light-blue color, but other varieties are deep blue and blue-green, all reminiscent of the stunning views of the Caribbean sky and sea in the DR. It’s no wonder that it’s associated with the dolphin and the creature’s wisdom and playfulness.

Its History

In 1974, Miguel Mendez, a Dominican artisan, heard about some rare blue stones along the Southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Curious to learn more, he traveled to the area, accompanied by Norman Rilling, a Peace Corps volunteer geologist. After much exploration, they found the rare blue mineral on the coast of Barahona. Miguel combined his daughter’s name, Larissa, with the Spanish word for sea, ‘mar’, and named the mineral ‘Larimar’.

Many Dominicans use larimar as a lucky charm. Luck aside, let’s talk about other unique ways in which this gemstone can benefit you.

The Healing Properties of Larimar


Persons who work with crystals say that larimar has the harmonious, receptive energies of the sky and sea. As such, it is believed to be excellent for balancing the energy centers in the body. If you use crystals, whether as a healing practitioner or in your personal metaphysical practice, apply it to those energy centers, especially when you’re experiencing high levels of stress.. This may release blockages and bring healing and balance to your energy centers.


Another belief is that larimar has a deep connection to the elements of water, earth, and fire. This stems from its origins in the core of a volcano, where it was forged. Apparently, this gives it the power to pacify fiery tempers and quiet a fretful mind. If you live or work in a tense or hostile environment, wear this gemstone to keep yourself centered and calm.

If you’re familiar with chakras or the energy centers of the human body, you’ll know that blue is associated with the throat chakra. Any difficulties with speaking one’s truth or expressing yourself verbally could indicate a blocked throat chakra. Having larimar on your person or in your home environment can be beneficial in releasing the source of these blockages and balancing that chakra.


Use larimar to enhance your meditation practice and spiritual rituals. If you have a crystal grid at home, include it with other crystals like amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, and rose quartz for protection, positive energy, and heightened clarity.

Wrapping Up

You can learn more about this rare blue mineral and its rich history by visiting the Larimar Museum in Santo Domingo. And while you’re in Cabarete, pop into a larimar jewelry store and be wowed by the outstanding varieties of the gem. Maybe you’ll even leave with one or several. It tends to have that effect on people.


Miguel Mendez,