Lunch Getaway to La Boca

By Samara Manges

la boca - puerto plata - cabarete

East of Cabarete lies an area called La Boca. Literally translated,  La Boca means mouth. Any guesses? It’s where Rio Yasica meets the ocean and when I first arrived in Cabarete I heard it mentioned several times. With the constant influx of information I was receiving on restaurants, bars and local hot spots I let this one slip right by me for several weeks. It wasn’t until I sat down to write my “bucket list” of the things I wanted to do in the Dominican Republic that La Boca slipped back into my mind.

This place was first mentioned to me by kite surfers, as an area of the water lies flat (no choppy waves like at Kite Beach) but it is still windy enough to kite. When I first arrived and was learning to kite, this spot seemed ideal; flat, warm water without waves pummeling me in the face. Even though I gave up on my quest to conquer the kiteboarding world, I still wanted to go check out the spot that everyone was raving about.

The fact that there is also a superb restaurant called Wilson’s, was just a happy convenience.

The first challenge in our trip to La Boca was getting there. At first we wanted to take public transport for a) experience and b) the cost effectiveness. It is set far back from route 5 which is the road the Guaguas take. So the more we looked at a map the more we realized it would be difficult to find it without ever having been there. We bit the bullet and decided to take a taxi for our first trip. Taking a taxi in the DR is great if you have a group of people, and there was four of us so a round trip came out to $40 total. Taxis here, as well at motoconchos, will usually wait for you to return but just make sure you’ve established how long you will be.

wilson's la boca - cabarete

We piled in the taxi and headed east out of eXtreme Hotel. We took a left off of route 5 after only about 15 minutes and then headed through a little residential area. The paved road quickly turned to a sand path which, to my surprise, the taxi driver had no qualms about driving on.  A few more minutes of sandy road and we arrived at a fairly large parking area.

The beauty of La Boca lies in its simplicity. The water of the river is a beautiful turquoise color and you feel the liminality of being right where the jungle meets the ocean. We arrived right around noon, the perfect time for lunch. There were no kiters yet so the ride across the river to Wilson’s, the above mentioned restaurant, was tranquil. Did I mention that? You just wave across the river to the restaurant and they send a boat over to pick you up (tip your boat driver). We arrive at Wilson’s and ordered piña coladas immediately. For food, we had four options: fish, chicken, lobster and crab. We all chose the fish. Less than 25 minutes later, we were all sitting behind an entire fried fish with a massive plate of rice, salad and a side of plantains.

I’m not lying when I say that this was the best fish I’ve ever had. Of course, the deep frying didn’t hurt but everything was just delicious and extremely fresh. Once we overstuffed ourselves and digested enough to slowly remove ourselves from the table, we crossed the river back to wider beach area. A storm was rolling in so we had a few minutes to walk around and see the river mouth before we headed back to the taxi. Feeling all warm and relaxed (the rum and delicious lunch equally responsible) we headed back to eXtreme.

La Boca is definitely a place I would return to. If you are a foodie looking for a great meal Wilson’s is enough incentive on its own. If you’re a kiter the calm waters are a bonus. If you paddle board show up early and explore the river.

Cabarete and Kite Beach are truly awesome places but it’s nice to explore the surrounding area to see what makes the Dominican Republic so special. If you can get a group of people together or have a bunch of sport gear, taking a taxi is the most direct and efficient way to get there. If, however, it’s just you and you’re down to adventure take the Guagua to The Phoenix and start walking. It would probably be about a 20 minute walk from the main road, but that’s the perfect amount of time to work off the decadently deep fried fish that you’ll get from Wilson’s.  

taxi from extreme hotel to la boca - cabarete