The New Yoga Retreat Adventure Vacations

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The Old Days Of Yoga Retreats

In my early days as a newly qualified teacher, yoga retreats were few and far between. Enthusiasts could travel to India to seek out the mystic teachings of the yoga masters and with a lot of searching it was possible to find ashram experiences closer to home.

As yoga has grown in popularity thousands of new teachers qualified and set up classes and studios around the world. It was a natural next step for us teachers to create immersive retreat experiences for our students, we had a built in community who we wanted to share our love of yoga with.

The Boom of Yoga Holidays.

I was lucky enough to travel all around the world and have worked in many of the top yoga destinations creating retreat experiences. When I started the retreats were new and exciting, many people were experiencing wellness travel for the first time.

Something Exciting & New For The Yoga Vacation Market

But fifteen years later I feel it is time for something new. The yoga holiday format needed a shake up for those who have ‘been there and done that’. When I discovered the Extreme Hotel in the Dominican Republic, I knew I had found my Caribbean Mecca.

A collective of small businesses the Extreme Hotel is a sustainable, eco hotel situated right on the beach at the quiet end of Cabarete, a kiters paradise. With year round sunshine and a permanent island breeze, the weather is close to perfect.

 The Extreme Hotel – My New Caribbean Yoga Retreat Mecca

Amongst its residents at the Extreme Hotel are the Yoga Loft with its beachfront deck, an onsite Circus School, Kite Academy and Cross-fit gym. The collective have everything you could possibly need for an action packed but rejuvenating holiday.

If that wasn’t enough the hotel also own an organic eco farm and the restaurant is supplied with amazing ingredients fresh from the farm. The food is outstanding, healthy and delivered in an incredible beachfront setting.

We can create a bespoke retreat experience for every guest. Whether you want to yoga and relax, join a detox retreat, a weight-loss holiday or try your hand at circus or adventure sports, we have the perfect package for you.

And best of all because it is an eco hotel all of this comes without the normal giant price tag. 7 night vacations start from just USD $700.

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