Reminder: Yoga is all Practice and Practice makes Progress

By Melanie Kiss

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Practice makes progress. This is a mindset to maintain throughout your practice on your mat, and carry with you elsewhere. As humans we tend to be quite impatient with ourselves. Constantly putting too much pressure on various compartments of our lives in turn stunting our growth. We need to apply this constant reminder to all aspects of our lives ”practice makes progress.”

When on your mat, notice if you get frustrated. If you are not able to accomplish the full expression of a certain posture. Maybe when you have been sitting in meditation for 15 minutes yet it feels like an hour, pins and needles have already made their way to your feet, and you cannot wait to get up. This is when we need the reminder. The positive self talk. It’s okay, fifteen minutes are better than none, and just making it to your mat is already an accomplishment.

Postures aren’t meant to be forced into, they take time and practice. Each expression of a pose on your journey to reaching its fullest expression is perfect in it of itself. If you are putting your truest efforts that is with a doubt a full expression.

The same could be said for any sport you’re partaking in, or any form of creative expression, and even at work. Say you have just started surfing and or if you are a seasoned surfer, if you paddle out and don’t catch any waves, you still paddled out, you still went for it it’s practice.

If you’re a writer but are feeling blocked, sit and write, write about anything, write about not knowing what to write, but write it’s practice. If you didn’t quite meet your quarterly numbers at your banking job, but you showed up everyday and gave it your all, you will progress next quarter, no stress it’s practice.

This “all a practice” mindset can help alleviate stress and counterproductive self-induced pressure. Granting yourself permission to be satisfied with knowing that doing your best is enough, and as long you are committed wholeheartedly to the practice the progress is inevitable.

If you feel stuck in your yoga practice or any other area of your life, a yoga retreat might be solution. At the Yoga Loft, we offer a range of customizable yoga packages with our trained yoga instructors. A caribbean yoga retreat getaway might be the reset button you need to safely explore your lifestyle. It’s practice.