How to reset negative thoughts

6 ways to reset your thinking patterns, practice mindfulness, and overcome negative thinking

How to reset negative thoughts

Do you feel that negative thoughts control your life? Is stress weighing you down? Everybody has negative thoughts from time to time, but it is imperative to control the process before negative thinking becomes a habit. In this article, you will learn six ways to take control of your thought process and change your mindset and your life.

6 Ways to Change Your Mindset

1. Identify what is causing your negative thoughts

It’s essential to recognize what triggers negative thinking and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. Look inside carefully and analyze what is going on. You can even write down what or who is making you feel angry, frustrated, afraid, or just sad. This practice will help you understand what is happening inside you.

2. After acknowledging, stop them

Once you realize you are having negative thoughts, stop them. Say something positive immediately, and focus on doing something else. Focus on something positive and distract your mind. One good tip is to never say to yourself what you would never say to someone else.

3. Be mindful of all the words you use

The words you use define your mental state, and you are not doing yourself any favors if you keep using negative and absolute terms. Nobody ‘always messes up’ or ‘is never able to do something.’ Leave yourself room for compassion and understanding. Add positive and encouraging words into your vocabulary and watch your life change.

4. Choose a more balanced response

Whatever happens, you can choose to find the good in it. Very rarely, a situation is totally good or totally bad. More often than not, there is a positive aspect and you can find it if you look for it. It might be that there is something you learned or an experience that made you stronger. When you decide to change your mindset, your feelings will drastically change with it.

5. Make the most of each day

Another way to conquer negative thoughts is to go out and about determined to enjoy each day. Do the little things that make you happy and smile. As you go through each day, pass the negative, and focus on the positive. Mindfully take a break if you are feeling stressed, allow yourself to laugh, and remove negative people from your life or, at least, keep them at a distance. Especially in the evening, take some time to decompress, and evaluate your day. A great tip is to keep a journal. Each evening, write down at least five positive things that happened during your day. Jot down more if you can.

6. Practice healthy living habits

Healthy living habits help you control stress and improve your mood. When you eat healthy food and exercise regularly, your body can respond better to negative thoughts, and counteract them. You can go to the gym or practice yoga, which genuinely helps with stress and frustration. Yoga classes can help you concentrate on your thought patterns and overcome negative feelings, fear, and anxiety. At the Yoga Loft in the Caribbean, practicing yoga on the seafront can really make a difference in the way you see things in your life, now and forever.

Extra positivity tips!

Yes, overcoming negative thoughts and changing how you feel for the better is possible. It’s got to do with your mindset and your determination. It’s up to you to become more mindful and more determined to control your thoughts and your day. Every day.

At the Yoga Loft in the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy the sea, the sun, and the support of people who really want to help you find your best self and live your best life.

Here are 3 extra positivity tips to take with you after reading this post.

Every time negativity attempts to strike:

  • Remember something you did that you are proud of
  • Focus your thoughts on something that you are grateful for
  • Give yourself a smile!


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