Retreat Ideas to Consider

How To Plan a Yoga Retreat People Will Love Part 9

Retreat Ideas to Consider

When the time for your retreat finally arrives, it's essential to keep a few things in mind that will help you keep you sane and probably elevate the whole experience for your students and yourself.

Don’t over-plan everything

All the serious planning is now behind you, and it is time to enjoy the time with your students. Stick to your schedule with your Yoga classes, meals, and main components of the retreat but beyond that, remember to stay flexible and be spontaneous.

Some adjustments to your original schedule will be inevitable, and that’s OK. Allow room for changes to your classes according to the atmosphere in the group, and any physical or other limitations. It’s nice to offer additional activities, but keep them optional. Excellent choices you could offer with your retreat are Surfing, Aerials, or even Flying Trapeze, which are all available at the Yoga Loft. Remember that relaxation and fun are just as important.

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