These Everyday Things Count As Meditation

By Melanie Kiss

These Everyday Things Count As Meditation

Meditation is usually a word used by so called hippies, spiritual leaders and yogis. But what exactly is meditation, why should one take part and are you doing it without knowing? You might not realize it, but these everyday things count as meditation.

According to Collins dictionary, meditation is: the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time, as part of a religious training, or so that you are more able to deal with the problems of everyday life. Now, I wouldn’t exactly say that it is part of a religious training. In fact, many people who are atheists or non-religious individuals still take part in meditation. According to Osho: Meditation is a state of silence; meditation is a state of no desire; meditation is a state of no past, no future; meditation is a state when you are not doing anything, just cherishing your being. You are just happy that you are, happy that you are breathing, simply happy for no reason at all. In those moments there is meditation.

Meditation can happen anywhere. Experts say we have 60,000 thoughts on average per day. Usually thoughts about the past or the future. Having thoughts are a natural part of life, but does it consume us? Does it make us worry? Does is sadden us? Make us create assumptions and stories in our heads?

Allowing ourselves to fully be in the present moment, fully engaged in life is a task most of us struggle with. By bringing in a little meditation into our lives, things can change dramatically.

Being mindful and aware that you are constantly thinking, living in the past or the future is a great way to start. Engaging in activities that you love and paying attention to the task at hand are also great ways to engage in active meditation. One pictures a Yogi sitting underneath a tree in lotus pose sitting for hours on end in silence as a form of “meditation”. Is it? But of course! And so is catching a wave on your surfboard, eating a spectacular meal bursting with flavour, kissing your boyfriend goodbye before a trip, walking on a trail with your beloved dog at sunrise, and the list goes on. Those moments of fully being in the present moment is a form of meditation. It is being alive. Having moments turn into minutes, into hours, can take some practice. By quieting the mind, perhaps with some deep breathing, whether you are sitting on a plane or underneath the Tree of Life, one can practice meditation and in turn mindfulness.

Being present is truly a present. So try being mindful and seek to live your life fully engaged in the moment, without judgement, simply living it. One of the best forms of meditation, are the ones you don’t even notice you are doing because you are so caught up in the moment.

Happy meditating everyone!