Weekend Break at the Yoga Loft in the Caribbean

Weekend Break at the Yoga Loft in the Caribbean

The Yoga Loft in the Dominican Republic is inviting you to a relaxing Yoga Weekend Break at their beautiful Retreat Centre in Cabarete.

Are you feeling stressed, drained, unhappy?

Do you need to take some time off to rest and reflect?

Did you know that stress is the leading underlying cause for a lot of conditions such as hypertension, heart and stomach problems, and even asthma? All modern studies reveal the adverse effects of stress on our health and wellbeing. Isn’t it time you take some time off? There isn’t much you can do for your family or even at work if you are all worn out.

You can relax and recharge with yoga classes in the mornings and evenings at a blissful beachfront location. Here, you can read all the details about a Weekend Break at The Yoga Loft, the exciting Retreat Center in the Caribbean.

This mini yoga break is created for people who need to escape their daily routine but don’t have the time to take a full week off. Or perhaps they do, but they have another adventure planned for the rest of the time! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all that makes you healthy and happy.

Your day at The Yoga Loft Retreat Centre

Yoga Loft, the unique Retreat Center in Cabarete, offers relaxing yoga classes in one of the most breathtaking islands of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic.

  • Your day will start with a revitalizing morning yoga practice, followed by an organic breakfast served on the beachfront.
  • Free time to go to the beach or engage in other activities that are available on-site, such as aerials, flying trapeze, and fitness. Cabarete is also a very popular surfing and kitesurfing destination.
  • One more rejuvenating yoga class at the Yoga Loft in the evening, followed by a delicious farm-to-table organic dinner, served in a fantastic location overlooking the sea.
  • You can use the downtime to reconnect with yourself or go out and enjoy the nightlife.

Discover the blissful Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft features an open-air deck overlooking Kite Beach. The sound of the sea and the light breeze accompany your yoga practice and create a tranquil experience. In the morning and the evening, our certified teachers will help you unplug, unwind and increase your energy. We have created a place of relaxation where you can have a holistic experience and feel calm, empowered and inspired.
Combined with healthy farm to table organic meals from our very own Taino Organic Farm, you will be able to do something really good for yourself and get ready to return to your everyday life full of energy and enthusiasm.

Highlights of the Yoga Weekend Retreat in the Caribbean

  • You can join the retreat at any time during the year.
  • Spiritual Yoga Classes in the mornings and evenings.
  • Accommodation for three nights at eXtreme Fitness Cabarete.
  • Access to the Gym and the Yoga Loft outside class hours.
  • A tour of the organic farm, which includes a fresh farm meal and floating down the river in a tube.
  • A complimentary Eat Well Session with our nutritionist.

Recharge during a Yoga Weekend Break in the Caribbean

The Yoga Loft in Cabarete is the ideal place to unplug, slow down that daily rhythm, and get back in touch with nature. Drop out of your routine for a few days and recharge your body and soul with us. Farm-to-table breakfast and dinner are included, and if you feel like trying any activity that we provide, you’re more than welcome. The Yoga Loft is a lively place with a great sense of community where you’ll learn how to deal with stress, how to recharge your energy levels and leave with a new sense of happiness.

Discover what makes you feel good and retrieve the energy to move forward.
It’s time to get excited about feeling calm and energized.

Discover the individual retreats offered by the Yoga Loft and start your retreat vacation anytime during the year. Choosing our retreats means recharging your body and mind and promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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