What to eat for breakfast to stay balanced and energized

By Melanie Kiss

breakfast smoothie -bowl

Every BODY is different, so what may work for you may not work for another. But there are breakfast staples to try and incorporate into your morning routine, that will leave you feeling balanced and energized.

As for myself, my main goal is to go as whole, local and organic as possible. Sometimes our lifestyle and surroundings do not allow for such a diet. But being aware of how important our meals can be, especially the way we start our day is key.

As the good old and powerful saying by Hippocrates goes “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We so often forget about fueling our bodies with proper nutrition, and go for the quickest and easiest methods.

Breakfast is a good determinant as to how one’s day will progress. Starting off with a wholesome breakfast energizes the body, after the long fasting that took place during sleep.

An important staple in my routine is to begin my day with a glass of room temperature water to rehydrate my body after the fast. Sometimes I add half a lemon to benefit from its many health aspects such as the vitamin C content a mini liver cleanse and detox. Depending on what is on the agenda, if I have a morning Yoga class or Surf session, I mainly go for a piece of fruit or homemade smoothie/juice.

Fruit is a great way to break your fast, allowing your body to easily digest the fiber and absorb some natural sugar. Your blood sugars are usually low in the mornings so this might give you energy. Eating fruit alone is important because when you combine fruit with starches and protein for example it takes a lot longer to digest. Fruit is easily digestible and should be kept separate from other foods in the morning. For people with type 2 diabetes, fruit is not the enemy. Choosing the right fruit, such as grapefruit and berries are a good way to start, but essentially an all around lifestyle change is in order.

avocado egg breakfast - caribbean yoga retreat

For a boost of energy, incorporating superfoods is important as well as decreasing some highly acidic habits. For instance, drinking a few cups of coffee can actually be really taxing on your liver and in turn on your energy after prolonged use. Drinking good quality coffee, since most coffees are GMO’s and high in pesticides, in moderation is perfectly fine. Perhaps replace coffee with stinging nettle tea, green tea or a yerba mate once in a while. Some still contain caffeine but they also have a myriad of health benefits.

As for superfoods, starting your morning with a blend of ginger, turmeric, lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne can really boost your energy and also provide you with a long list of health benefits. If you have a sensitive tummy, replacing cayenne with a touch of Reishi or Chaga can really boost your energy and immune system. If you are in the mood for a nice morning smoothie here are some ideas to incorporate:

  • banana
  • nut milk/coconut water/water
  • date/goji berry
  • maca/cordyceps mushroom/raw cacao powder/nibs
  • hemp hearts/extra virgin coconut oil
  • plant based protein/pre soaked oats/pre soaked chia (for a thicker smoothie)

As for your breakfast meal, incorporating goji berries, bee pollen, hemp seeds, cinnamon (ceylon), etc. into your oatmeal can really add a bit of “oomph” to your day. For a nice egg breakfast, perhaps try adding avocado, sprouts (microgreens for their nutrient dense qualities), sauerkraut (probiotics for gut health), raw garlic/onions (powerful boost for your body and also your breath…but it’s worth it), etc.

As you start to add powerful foods into your daily routine, you will realize that after a short while your body will reap the rewards in so many areas. For some, the change in energy levels might not be immediate, but with time your body will adapt and perhaps even detoxify during the process. Do not forget some other factors that play with your energy levels, such as stress, lack of proper sleep, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

May these minor health tips for your morning routine keep you balanced and energize all while being mindful and grateful!