Why I teach Yoga

By Melanie Kiss

Teaching yoga is different for everyone. My personal reason will be different from someone else’s, as it is based on what you essentially get out of it. Why do I teach yoga?

Growing up I was blessed with parents who introduced me to the world of spirituality. Dad was into Tai Chi and energy and mom was into astrology and personal growth. As the years progressed, I dove into it head first in my late teens, reading countless books by Wayne Dyer, Louise L. Hay, Dan Millman, Caroline Myss, Gabrielle Bernstein and Joe Dispenza among others.

I also began watching documentaries and movies pertaining to topics such as quantum physics, personal growth, healing with energy, meditation, the physical/mental/emotional aspects of our being, etc. I took classes and workshops on different mind control techniques, inner journeys, vibrational energy, etc. So why was all this important to note? Because I was already open to these concepts. I had studied, learned and understood what it’s all about, but I was still having a rough time incorporating them into my life. That is when yoga came along.

Almost five years ago, I decided to enroll in my 200hr yoga teacher training course in Bali. It was a wonderful experience to learn about yogic culture and practice their methods every single day for five weeks. During this time I went through dengue fever, and thanks to my mom and her “good witches,” as I like to call them, sending me healing energy through reiki, I was able to get through it quite well. So all in all this experience was a journey for me in more ways than one could imagine.

Upon my return to Toronto, I started to teach class immediately. It was mainly out of having learned something new that I wanted to share with people. My classes were naturally for beginners and as I taught more and more classes, I felt I was doing well. Not great but well. So I continued with my studies. Reading more books, taking workshops by David Williams in Hawaii, Chit Shakti Yoga course in India, online anatomy and philosophy courses adding to my Kinesiology and personal training background. I also returned to India to do an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course. Apart from taking teaching courses, as a student,  I also went to different classes from Bikram, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, etc. Learning from each teacher.

teach yoga

This past January was my first time in almost five years where I found myself becoming one with the practice and the teachings. I started to teach in ways I had never done before.

This is where I began to feel and understand why I teach. Because when I teach others, I teach myself. Every word I say in class I say to myself. Every reminder is also a reminder for me. From the time the class starts until the very last minute of saying goodbye to everyone, I am fully in the present moment. I feel alive and one with my purpose.

With every class, I learn an enormous amount as well. Listening, guiding, focusing, feeling and being are the main things that flow through me during class. The guided meditation I lead at the end of class is a wonderful end to the practice, as I benefit and contribute to it as well. I sometimes tap into the loving energy in the room and contribute to that, feeling the unity and oneness with each soul present.

I feel truly blessed to be able to teach yoga. To connect with people and try to help make their lives easier, happier and more loving is satisfying to my heart. When you truly wish to help others, in the end you end up helping yourself, as we are one.

So the short version of why I teach yoga is because I am on the same spiritual journey as everyone else and I feel the connection to it. It brings joy into my life and when you are engaging in happiness and love, that is a high frequency and your natural state of being. You feel you are on the right path and should keep going.

If you are a yoga teacher or would like to be, you might not know exactly why you wish to teach. It might just seem appealing because of the hype of yoga, perhaps you were drawn to it or it sort of fell into your lap. Whatever the case may be, eventually it will sort itself out. As it took me years to feel and know from the heart why I teach yoga, it might be instant for you. Whatever the reason, I hope that it comes from within and from your heart. Ananda.  Namaste!

The Yoga Loft is hosting a 200 Hour Teacher Training this coming spring 2019, March 31-April 27. Yogis and Yoginis of all levels and backgrounds are encouraged to participate and welcomed at Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

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