Why you should try the flying trapeze at the eXtreme Circus Cabarete

By Samara Manges

flying trapeze - yoga loft cabarete - extreme circus

The best thing about staying at the eXtreme Collective is all the activities you can do as soon as you leave your hotel door. I moved down here for yoga but I found kiteboarding, trapeze, lyra and so much more. Favorite thing so far? Swinging on the trapeze at the eXtreme Circus Cabarete. Besides yoga of course.

I first tried the trapeze, three days after I arrived. Even though, I had done gymnastics for 13 years, I was shocked at how nervous I was. Attached to pulley system by a safety belt, I started to climb the ladder. I reached the platform even though my legs were shaking and I marveled at the view. From the top of that platform you can see the mountains in front of you and far out to the sea behind you. I think reaching out to grab the bar was the scariest part, you feel like your going to fall flat on your face into the net but there is a strong hand always holding onto that belt to prevent that from happening. You start with both hands on the bar, your trainers make circus sounding noises like “hup” and then all of a sudden you are flying.

I don’t think I have felt that amount of adrenaline pump through my body since I tried skydiving.  If that isn’t enough of a hint, I like adrenaline rushes. It was an instant addiction, I wanted to go right back up the ladder and take my second swing. I did. And then a third and then a fourth.

flying trapeze - yoga and circus retreat

I won’t explain the entire process or progression. But I will explain why I love it so much. Mastering fear is such an important part of yogic philosophy yet with a traditional asana practice there often isn’t much direct confrontation with fear. We can experience it in our everyday lives and make bold or courageous choices but when it comes to physical fear you have to push yourself. This is where the trapeze comes in. It helps you confront your physical fears and what you believe are your limitations. Even better, it taunts you to push past them.

One of the things I’ve come to truly love about this place is the type of people it attracts. The outdoor sports and activities that this place has to offer: surfing, kiteboarding, circus, yoga all require dedication, courage and passion. The people that choose to come here for these activities have wonderful stories and a spirit that reflect that courage and passion.

So… why fly? Because we should all push ourselves to try something new. See what it feels like to spread your wings. That’s why.

Want to jump high into your yoga and circus practice? We offer completely customizable trapeze and yoga caribbean retreat options with our partners over at the eXtreme Circus Cabarete.