Enjoy Yoga and Surf at Encuentro in the Caribbean

By Evgenia Profi

Enjoy Yoga and Surf at Encuentro in the Caribbean

The Yoga Loft in the beautiful town of Cabarete joined up with Pauhana Surf School at the popular surf spot Encuentro, and created a wonderful retreat.

Yoga and Surf in the Caribbean

Whether you are a surfer who wants to try yoga, a yoga student who wants to surf, or an enthusiast of both, this unique experience is perfect for you. This retreat is connecting you with the best surf and yoga teachers in the most amazing natural environment.

The Yoga Loft at eXtreme hotel is in Cabarete, the surf capital of the Dominican Republic. It is centrally located and provides easy access to all the different surf spots. Pauhana Surf School in Encuentro is situated only 5 minutes away from The Yoga Loft.

We decided to come together and create a retreat that combines the earth and the sea and can offer you a memorable experience.

Practice yoga at The Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft has an open-air deck overlooking Kite Beach. The sound of the sea and the light breeze accompany your yoga practice and take the experience to another level. The breathtaking nature of the island welcomes you into paradise. Practicing yoga at the Yoga Loft is pure bliss.

Learn to surf in Encuentro

Pauhana Surf School in Encuentro has experienced instructors that teach surfers of all levels. Whether you plan to start now, or you are an experienced surfer, Playa Encuentro is the perfect beach. Here you will find all types of waves suitable for every level of skill. For beginners, the main peak offers ideal conditions. As you progress, you can move to different locations with more challenging waves. Here, you can see an image indicating the relevant areas for each level of surfing skills.

Playa Encuentro

Playa Encuentro is a world-class surf destination and a very lively place. It is situated three miles to the west of Cabarete Bay. It is among the most consistent surfing beaches in the Caribbean, with a progressive surf course providing the ideal teaching conditions. Beginners can go anytime during the year and receive one-on-one instruction. However, the right time for the masters of the sport is the Hurricane season!

The town of Cabarete

Cabarete is a small town in the Dominican Republic that offers all the splendors of the Caribbean. You will find fantastic weather all year round, the perfect wind and waves for water sports, unbelievable vegetation, and wonderful people. Here you will find folks from all over the world who chose to make Cabarete their home and enjoy water sports every day. It is the ideal place to practice surf, windsurf and kitesurf. And surely the right place to practice yoga at the Yoga Loft amidst the tropical setting.

The Yoga and Surf retreat

During the Yoga and Surf retreat, the instructors will take you to a journey of exploration both on the mat and in the water. You will have the opportunity to connect with the earth and the sea and reach a deep state of mindfulness, of pure presence.

The Yoga and Surf retreat of eXtreme hotel is available all year round, accommodating individual arrival dates. The retreat includes:

  •         Accommodation for seven nights
  •         Breakfasts and Dinners
  •         Daily Yoga Class
  •         Daily Surf Lesson
  •         Unlimited Surf Practice
  •         Surf Equipment Rental
  •         Farm Tour with River Float
  •         Complimentary Eat Well Session


This unique Yoga and Surf retreat offers you the opportunity to deepen your connection with both the land and the sea. Combining the two experiences can nurture your relationship with yourself and the nature around you and have a magical effect on your life.

For more information, you can contact us here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!